Greetings Friends,                            We are honored that you have taken time to look and perhaps listen to lessons in our study on Jesus.  I want to introduce myself and give you the background of Ladies Studying Jesus. 

I was born to a young farming

family in central Wisconsin. When I was 8 years old, my dad, Duane Ott, was brought to Christ while listening to Christian radio in the barn. A short time later, our family found a Bible preaching church and I came to an understanding of God’s wonderful plan of Salvation. Even as a child, I remember enjoying listening and studying God’s Word; I loved to teach others the Scriptures. By the time I was 10 years old, we left the farm and my parents began to prepare for a lifetime of missionary service.
After Bible college, I married my college sweetheart, John Steuerwald, and we have spent over three decades serving in two Christian school ministries in southern Wisconsin. God has blessed us with six children and two little grandsons. Besides preparing and writing Bible studies, I enjoy cooking, gardening, morning runs, and time with family at our cabin in northern Wisconsin.

About 25 years ago during a Wednesday night Bible study in my church; we were studying the book of Acts.  I was challenged by God to be bolder in my faith as Peter, Paul and the other early

believers shared Christ; speaking and sharing the truth as God gave them an opportunity. Little did I know that in the quietness of that Bible study, as I committed to obeying God in this area of my life, that He would lead me in a very specific way. Very soon after that commitment, swimming lessons began for my three small elementary children. I found myself in a balcony overlooking the pool with other bored moms! I enjoyed talking with a couple of them about our children, home and lives in general and soon we found we all attended Bible-preaching churches in the area. In the course of conversation, I was convicted that I needed to share Biblical principles and truth with these women. Near the end of our three weeks of swimming lessons, my new friends asked if I would consider doing a Bible study with them. I was taken back; I remember telling my husband John with a laugh in my voice. He wisely told me not to dismiss this opportunity as it may be from God. Well, I did start a Bible study and outside of a couple of years when babies were born into our household, I’ve had a ladies Bible study in our home ever since!
For almost 20 years, September to May, I would teach wonderful Bible study materials to 4-10 ladies around my dining room table each week. We covered many Christian living subjects, topics relating to marriage and children, and books of the Bible. About 10 years ago my Pastor asked if I would do the same Bible study at my church each week as well. We loved it, seeing woman discipled and growing in their Christian walk! At the same time, God was growing my faith and deepening my love for Bible study. Every summer I would diligently seek out the next Bible study topic or book. It was nine years ago when I had a desire to study Jesus. I began my quest to find a good Bible study book on Christ and all I found was 12-week courses. I hated the fact that the bulk of Jesus’ life was not included! That fall, we started one of those books but shortly realized this was not what I wanted. A Bible study friend felt the same as I and took me aside one day, looked me in the eye and said, “You could do this on your own, you don’t need a book! Go study and teach Jesus!” Wow, I had always used a book to teach; I doubted her confidence in me but started to collect study Bibles, commentaries, and books on the life of Christ!

Our study of Jesus soon took on a form that has continued for eight years!

  • Look over several Harmonies of the Gospels
  • Study and teach the events of Jesus’ life using each Gospel record
  • Stay in chronological order as Jesus would have lived His life
  • Observe and teach the important people in Christ’s life
  • Highlight the manners and customs of Jesus’ day
  • Include the historical and graphic makeup of the land Jesus walked

Each lesson would have a worksheet that included the Scripture being covered that week, space to take notes and a section for the personal application.   Homework is handed out every week and became a favorite.  Many ladies used their homework for their own personal devotions.

Opportunities to teach at ladies retreats and luncheons allowed me to encourage and equip women to study Jesus.  It was obvious that God was using these lessons and it was the young women that started asking me about a website.  I would just laugh, but about two years ago we started seeking God’s leading on this project.

Ladies Studying Jesus is a tool for discipleship.   It exists in obedience to Christ’s Great Commission, “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:”.  It is my prayer that this interactive website will be utilized and enjoyed by many women.  

We begin in the Upper Room as Jesus teaches and encourages His disciples for the last time before His crucifixion.  It is designed to be a Bible study resource for ladies’ Bible studies or Sunday School as well as for individual ladies to listen to the audio and participate in the weekly lessons.

Each week we will add another lesson, and periodically short devotions, testimonies, and updates will be uploaded.

Please, listen and beg God for understanding, and a willingness to obey the Words of Jesus.

Would love to hear from you,

Scarlette Steuerwald

Ladies Studying Jesus 

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” II Peter 3:18